Convento dei Padri Riformati

SP29, 90027 Petralia Sottana PA

The Communities Sustainable eXperience will take place in 4 of the halls of the Convent.

The construction of the convent complex of the Minor Reformed Fathers under the title of Santa Maria degli Angeli began in 1603 and its solemn reopening was celebrated on August 20, 1663.

The building is located on a rocky spur along the provincial road and is in a dominant position with respect to the town center of Petralia Sottana; it has two levels and is built around a square cloister rhythmically punctuated by five round arches resting on Tuscan limestone columns supporting a porch covered by cross vaults. Inside, in the room that was used as a refectory, it preserves a seventeenth-century fresco depicting the Last Supper.

The adjacent church dedicated to Santa Maria degli Angeli was built simultaneously with the convent building and has a facade with a single protrusion and a simple portal accessible by a short staircase. Inside, it has a single nave and a choir above the entrance. In the Town Hall of Petralia Sottana, the death of the Virgin work by Giuseppe Salerno is kept, probably commissioned by the Observant Fathers.

The Halls






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